February 2015

As part of our fabulous and ever-expanding bakery range, Two Brothers Foods is proud to introduce The Brownie Baker – purveyors of quite simply the finest chocolate brownies around!

Brownies seem to us one of those deceptively simple foodstuffs which, when done properly can be the most deliciously indulgent taste experience, and when made without love can be bland, dry and downright disappointing. The Brownie Bakers’ family recipe is most definitely the former: in fact we would go so far as to say they are the best brownies we’ve ever tasted.

The enterprise belongs to a family of dedicate brownie lovers, who decided to unleash their fine-tuned recipe on an unsuspecting public at The Cornwall Food and Drink Festival in 2011. The four flavours were an instant hit, and the range was expanded due to public demand. You can now enjoy a plethora of perfect flavours, including Sour Cherry, Cornish Sea Salt and - one of our own favourites - delicious Pecan.

As well as their brownies, we couldn’t resist the ethos of this family business: “The secret to our success is simple - we only use the finest locally sourced ingredients, and each brownie is lovingly handmade to deliver the ultimate in flavour.”

Two Brothers Foods can supply all varieties, with the product flavour staying exactly as fresh, even after freezing. Like so many of our other products, we are proud and excited to be able to deliver handmade quality alongside convenience for our customers.

Hungry for good food?  We’ll satisfy your appetite.


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