August 2015

Two Brothers Foods Director Gavin Roberts will be giving cookery students an expert insight into pork butchery, sausage making and curing at Philleigh Way Cookery School this autumn and winter.

Gavin is hosting three ‘Pig in a Day’ courses designed to give participants the confidence and skills needed to break down cuts of pork and prepare delicious sausages at home.

From learning to make sausages with his Granny to gaining experience as a production butcher travelling across the country, Gavin has seen many sides of the meat production industry.

In 2007 this larger than life character returned to his roots and embarked on his own project. Gavin created The Kernow Sausage Company, which crafts artisan products where provenance, quality and flavour reign supreme, before expanding this brief into food wholesale with Two Brothers Foods.

Sausage making is a historic food preservation technique; salted meat packed into cleaned intestines (now replaced with synthetic alternatives!) could be dried and eaten later, helping to smooth out peaks and troughs in food supplies.

Age-old techniques such as salting, curing and smoking are a key part of the curriculum at Philleigh Way. The school specialises in contemporary farmhouse cookery based on traditional recipes and skills, and makes the most of the fantastic local produce on offer in Cornwall.

Run by brothers-in-law James Martin and George Pascoe, Philleigh Way is a fifth-generation family farm which has found a new lease of life; hosting bakery, fish cookery, bush craft and foraging courses as well as butchery tutorials.

Gavin is looking forward to working with Philleigh Way for this fun, hands-on course which includes an introduction to sausage making techniques. Students will improve their knife skills, before watching Gavin break down half a pig and boning out a shoulder themselves.

Individual recipes can be created using the range of secondary ingredients to hand including herbs and spices, before the students get to grips with stuffing and tying their own sausages. The day finishes with a discussion and demonstration on the art of curing.

The courses are running in October 2015 and March 2016, and again the following October.

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