February 2015

At Two Brothers Foods, we are on a mission to search out the finest products and ingredients from far and wide; but it’s even better when we unearth something close to our Cornish roots.

This is the case with The Cornish Ketchup Company, which is now available alongside the rest of the Two Brothers Foods range for free delivery across the South West.

The dedicated Chris and Kris tasted their way through many a Kernow bacon sandwich in a quest to come up with the perfect recipe for their classic ketchup, which is packed with natural ingredients (yes, you guessed it – tomatoes) and laced with a top-secret seasoning.

Other varieties followed to cater for all persuasions of ketchup lovers: the chilli one, the smoky one and the red pepper one all do exactly what they say on the bottle, creating a range of flavoursome accompaniments for the good things in life, like BBQs.

All the products are crafted to a fine-tuned recipe using the best ingredients, and are packed full of flavour. The eye-catching design will look great on any restaurant or café table, and is sure to get customers talking.

What’s more, by supporting this young Cornish crowd-funded enterprise, you are also aiding the work of the fantastic project that is People and Gardens. This charitable foundation based near Pentewan, was set up “to enable people with learning difficulties or emotional impairments to be able to develop as individuals and to have equality of choice and opportunity in the workplace.” The team grow some truly delicious tomatoes which The Cornish Ketchup Company put to very good use.

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