February 2015

Our butchery blends good, old fashioned skills with an understanding of the demands of a modern, professional kitchen. The approach combines the experience of Director Gavin Roberts, himself a butcher by trade, with the expertise of our Consultant Chef David Sharland, previously Operations Director at the Rick Stein Group based in Padstow.

Gavin began his first business venture, Kernow Sausages, after years in commercial butchery. “I experienced first-hand the lack of respect and care in commercial operations driven wholly by profit margins,” said Gavin. “I decided there was a different way; one which showed greater respect for the whole animal carcass by using it properly. This is more fulfilling for the butcher, and ultimately results in a better product for the consumer.”

Kernow Sausages quickly became known for its quality and consistency – values which Gavin is now translating into a larger butchery operation at Two Brothers Foods.

The expert team of in-house butchers prepares every cut fresh to order, tailored to your requirements. “Different chefs, themes and venues have varying needs when it comes to meat preparation,” explains Gavin. “For example some need their cuts butchered and trimmed to their own specification, while others prefer to receive cuts they can break down further themselves in order to make use of them in different dishes.”

Two Brothers Foods is working with consultant chef David Sharland in order to ensure their offering meets the expectations of the top chefs in the South West. “It can make a huge difference in a kitchen when meat arrives perfectly prepped and prepared in a way which minimises waste,” explained David. He added “It has great benefits for the whole supply chain, including the end customer.”

Full details of the provenance of each cut is also provided, as Gavin explains; “We understand how important it is for chefs and their customers to know where their meat comes from, and how it was reared.”

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